The AOLT-4000N is designed for carrier central office or MSO hub environments for enabling costeffective FTTx services.

Flexible Configuration

Two control card slots for 1+1 CTL cards. Two switch and timing slots for 1+1 SWT cards with redundant 10-GbE and 1-GbE Service Node Interfaces (SNI) uplinks. Ten line card slots for 10 GLCP cards.

Data Plane Connectivity

TThe AOLT-4000N's data plane consists of redundant 10Gbps connections to each card slot from the two dedicated double-width SWT slots in the shelf.

Control Plane Connectivity

The AOLT-4000N's control plane consists of redundant 1Gbps connections to each card slot from the two dedicated CTL slots.

Synchronization Connections

Inputs for redundant BITS/SSU timing interfaces for GPON and TDM synchronization and outputs for sourcing clocks for external synchronization use.

Switch Capacity

Dual star redundant architecture with 20 Gbps bandwidth to each card slot and 400 Gbps bandwidth total capacity.

High Availability

High availability architecture where removal or insertion of any single card does not affect existing connections on other cards. Even in a system with a single CTL card, a failure of the control card does not affect the working traffic. To increase control plane availability, a second mate CTL card can be inserted in the AOLT-4000N chassis, providing 1+1 redundancy for the control plane. Likewise to increase data plane availability, a second mate SWT card can be inserted in the AOLT-4000N chassis, providing 1+1 redundancy for the data and signaling plane.

AEMS or SNMP Managed

With the CTL card installed, AOLT-4000N is either remotely or locally managed from either Alphion's Element Management System (AEMS) or with a 3rd party EMS using SNMP or a legacy NMS.


GPON interface

  • Standard: ITU-T G.984.1,2,3,4 and G.988 compliant
  • Downstream: Redundant switch and timing cards (AOLT-4000-SWT)
  • Upstream: 2.488Gbps, 1490nm, Class B+ and C+
  • Service distance: 1.244Gbps, 1310nm, Class B+ and C+
  • Split ratio: up to 60km (depending on split ratio and reach extension))
  • Upstream: up to 64/128 T-CONT: 384 per OLT port
  • GEM ports: 4K per OLT port


  • Two-stage layer 2 switching (store and forward)
  • Switching capacity: 200Gbpsx2 Ethernet switching
  • Switching performance: Full throughput for all ports (non-blocking) 16K MACs SNI, 32Kx10 MACs GPON (32K/4) 4095 VLANs
  • Layer 2 line rate forwarding
  • MAC-forced forwarding (RFC4562) on SNI
  • Multicasting: IGMP snooping/proxy
  • STP (802.1d), RSTP (802.1w), MSTP (802.1s) (future) 802.3ad LAG and LACP (future)

Management interface

  • Alphion - EMS (SNMPv2c/v3), CLI (Telnet/console), syslog, RMON Remote software upgrade via TFTP and FTP RADIUS, TACACS+ authentication for management access Alarm contacts (critical, major, minor, audible, visual) 802.1ag (CFM, CCM, Linktrace) (future) ITU-T Y.1731 (CFM,AIS, Test, MCC, PMM) (future) NTPv4 (RFC5905) (future) Built-in temperature sensor

Protection Option

  • G.8031 linear and G.8032 ring ERPS v1/v2

BITS/SSU clock

  • 8 priority queues per port
  • 802.1p, ToS, DSCP marking/remarking
  • Scheduling: SPQ, WRR, DRR
  • SrTcm and TrTcm
  • Congestion controlHead of line blocking prevention Back pressure, 802.3x


  • Five outputsDB15
  • Standard: Fully ITU-T G.984.1-5 and G.988 compliant
  • Connector: SFP Plug-in module; SC/UPC on SFP

Power supply

  • Dual inputIndividually controlled by circuit breaker -40.0 to +56.7 VDC


  • Forced air cooling with fans


  • W x D x H 537 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm
  • Frame mounting ETSI 515 mm hole to hole, and 500 mm aperture

Operating environment

  • Temperature -5 to +50ºC Relative humidity
  • Relative humidity 5% to 90% (non-condensing)


  • EMC EN55022, CISPR-22 Class A
  • Safety EN60950, UL60950, CE, Optical IEC-60825-1 Class B Laser safety perG.664
  • Environmental EN300 019-1-3, QM-333 'B2" Category
  • Chassis EN300 119-4
  • Transient EN/IEC61000-4-4 (2001) Level 2
  • Radiant RF Immunity EN/IEC61000-4-3 (2002) level 2
  • Conducted Immunity EN/IEC61000-4-6 (2001) level 2
  • Surge EN/IEC61000-4-5 (2001) 0.5 KV (line)and 1.5 KV (earth)
  • ESD EN/IEC61000-4-2 (2001) Contact level 2 & air discharge level 3

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  • The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Technical claims listed depend on various technical assumptions. Your experience with these products may differ if you operate the products in an environment which is different from the technical assumptions. Alphion reserves the right to modify these specifications without any prior notice. Alphion makes no warranties, expressed or implied, on the contained in this document.


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